Dutch bell pepper producer

4Evergreen produces bell peppers in a customer-focused and innovative way.

A leading bell pepper producer

On our farms we passionately cultivate various kinds of bell peppers in the colors; red, green, yellow, orange and red-yellow striped. We grow bell peppers in the most sustainable way possible and primarily with natural agents such as insects and birds. This way we produce a clean and high quality product in an environmentally friendly way. The processing and packaging of bell peppers occurs immediately after the harvest on the farm itself, in accordance with various international certifications.

Because we are innovative in our entrepreneurship, we can deliver high and stable quality. For example, in the horticultural sector, 4Evergreen won the Horticulture Business Award and has been listed in the Hillenraad Top since 2005.

The 4Evergreen farm is a modern bell pepper farm that is part of the Grootscholte Group BV with several cultivation sites in the Netherlands. This family business is run by the Grootscholte family. The total cultivation area spans over 100 hectares. Annualy, we cultivate about 18 million kilos of delicious, healthy bell peppers for both the Dutch market and export.

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