The roots of the Grootscholte farm go back to 1960. Over the decades there has been continuous work on the expansion and innovation of the company that is now fully specialized in the cultivation of peppers.

Innovation is progress

4Evergreen has made various innovations for years. Some examples are: a movable growth light, air humidification in the greenhouses and a fully automated internal transport system. In addition, they are committed to a more sustainable cultivation. Since 2005 they have a listing in the Hillenraad Top 100, a ranking of the 100 most leading agricultural companies of Netherlands, which is composed every year.

4Evergreen is the winner of the Horticulture Business Award of 2014 and has also been nominated for several awards.

  • Horticulture Business Award 2014
  • Entrepreneur of the year in Steenbergen, 2007
  • Agricultural entrepreneur of the year, 2006
  • Nomination for Salad grower of the world
  • Greenery grower of the year


1st computer climate of the Netherlands in use


Acquisition of 2 hectares more in Honselersdijk.


Sorting system in use


Start cultivation on substrate


New construction 3.5 hectares in 's-Gravenzande.


District heating in new construction


Innovation in tomato cultivation

Start growing with high thread, working with bumblebees for pollination and own sorting


Purchase of 28 hectares of land in Steenbergen.


Starting business in Steenbergen.

24 hectare greenhouses with their own sorting and packaging facility.


Starting to pack bell peppers


Purchase of 17 hectare land in St. Annaland


Purchase of 2 hectares.

Start of USDA organic cultivation


Realization of new construction in St. Annaland.


First growing season St. Annaland.


Start of USDA organic cultivation, 5 hectare in 's-Gravenzande.


Winner Horticultural Business Award

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First cultivation of Enjoya bell peppers

In collaboration, Van Den Berg from Est and 4Evergreen brought a new innovation out on the market: the Enjoya bell pepper. Because of its striking and unique appearance, the Enjoya has a high decorative value and invites every passionate food fan to get creative. Van Den Berg and 4Evergreen work together under the name Enjoya growers. After 2 years of development the bell peppers finally made it to the market. This year the bell pepper is made available at specialized greengrocers in the Netherlands and the Enjoya is supplied to catering establishments. On 23-04-2015 the Mayor of Westland (Sjaak v.d. Tak) harvested the first bell pepper. This opened the first official season of the Enjoya bell pepper.

View this unique bell pepper concept

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