Processing and packaging peppers

Developing and sharing knowledge

The jury found that the company deserved the business award because they develop and share knowledge and collaborate with colleagues and industry partners to further develop the bell pepper production and the greenhouse vegetable sector.

Fresh bell peppers

Only ripe peppers are harvested

The length of time between removing the peppers from the plant and delivering them to buyers is minimal. This is because 4Evergreen itself cultivates, sorts, packs and delivers the product to the customer. Because this process is so fast, 4Evergreen delivers her bell peppers with the best possible guarantee of freshness. Bell peppers which are growing on the pepper plant today could be in the supermarket tomorrow.

Bell pepper harvest

Production and packaging in one location

When the bell peppers are ripe they are removed from the plant. This means that the bell pepper has the right size and color. An unripe bell pepper is green, after 5 or 6 weeks the pepper turns red, yellow or orange. The color of the bell pepper depends on the cultivar that is grown, for each color there is a different cultivar. After the bell peppers have been cut off the plants, they are moved via automated transport vehicles to the packaging facility.

Processing bell peppers

Harvested peppers are immediately cooled

In the packaging facility the bell peppers are processed. The peppers are cooled, sorted by size, weight and color as soon as they have arrived. 4Evergreen processes bell peppers of 5 different colors: green, red, yellow, orange and also the unique “red-yellow striped”: concept:1. The entire process is fully automated and controlled by computers. Cameras ensure that the bell peppers are sorted with precision and by size.

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Packaged bell peppers

Bell peppers in flow pack, shrink seal or loose.

4Evergreen has designed a machine to package the product. This way, we package bell peppers per piece but also in mixes of 2, 3, or 4. When 2 or more pieces are packaged, these are often combinations of multiple colors which we call bell pepper mix. We have the ability to supply flow pack packaging and shrink seal packaging from our own cultivation sites to retail. This way we can deliver fresh produce daily, minimize quality loss and increase shelf life.

Top quality bell peppers

Quality is guaranteed by international certificates.

The bell peppers are packaged in accordance with certificates Global-Gap, IFS, QS and BRC. Since 2005, we are experienced in packaging and offer maximum care for the quality of our products. With our four production lines, we can produce sixty tons of packaging daily. The products that are to be packaged are put through a certified check weigher to ensure the weight of the packaging. The packaging labels can be assembled as desired. All barcodes, fonts and languages are possible. Finally, you can have your packages delivered to the customer in a variety of cases or boxes.

Sustainable business operations

Company impression

Full harvesting carts with freshly cut bell peppers drive automatically to the barn.

The bell peppers are buffered here for sorting or offered directly to the sorting machine. The harvesting carts and the buffer operate fully automatically without manual intervention.

Bell pepper sorting machine

4Evergreen has a large sorting facility.

In this video, red bell peppers are automatically sorted and packed into boxes. The boxes are filled automatically by weight.

Packaging bell peppers in flow packs

Bell pepper packaging machine

4Evergreen can supply bell peppers in flow packs. We supply, among others, mixed packs with three colors of bell peppers (traffic light), or packaged per piece. This video shows you how bell peppers are individually packaged. We can sticker your information directly on the packaging.

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