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Enjoya is a unique gift from mother nature, she is grown with love and passion!

Enjoya is a unique gift from mother nature, she is grown with love and passion; the Enjoya Growers are present in the greenhouse daily to provide her with optimal care. The natural soil and the gentle manner of cultivation give her the time to mature slowly. As a result, she gets a delicious aromatic taste, she is pleasantly crunchy and of the very best quality.

She not only looks nice and tasty, she is also packed with vitamin C. Enjoya is a joy to have on your plate and also super healthy!

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A unique bell pepper concept

A collaboration between 4Evergreen and the Van den Berg farm from Est.

Enjoya is the name of the red-yellow striped pepper, which the Van den Berg farm from Est and 4Evergreen will be bringing on the market together. This beautiful bell pepper is a cultivar of Enza seeds.

Grower Wilfred van de Berg found the two-colored bell pepper two years ago on his cultivation business in Est. Now he collaborates with 4Evergreen under the name Enjoya Growers to get this remarkable product on the market.

This year the bell pepper is made available at specialized greengrocers in the Netherlands and the Enjoya is supplied to catering establishments. “Because of its striking and unique appearance, the Enjoya has a high decorative value. It invites every passionate food fan to get creative,” the entrepreneurs find.

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