Regular bell peppers

4Evergreen’s bell peppers are grown in an environmentally conscious way and with the utmost care.

In good conditions, one pepper plant can produce up to 80 bell peppers per growing season. By selecting this high variety of bell peppers with care based on reliability, quality and durability, 4Evergreen tries to meet the customer’s wishes as well as possible and also delivers in any desired packaging. Such as the flowpack: per piece, per two pieces, or a mix with three or four. But also cultivated sweet bell peppers, matured bell peppers, weight assorted bell peppers and stickered bell peppers. This can be supplied in all types of containers.

View how we process and pack our bell peppers.

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USDA Organic bell peppers

Telerscoöperatie Harvest House U.A.

De afzet van onze reguliere paprika’s verloopt via telerscoöperatie Harvest House.

Wij zijn Harvest House, één van Nederlands grootste telersverenigingen gespecialiseerd in vruchtgroenten. Met een vakbekwame groep telers en medewerkers zijn we continu op de hoogte van ontwikkelingen in de markt waar we dan ook flexibel op inspelen. Deze specifieke product- en marktkennis in combinatie met ons innovatieve vermogen maken ons de solide, meedenkende partner die we graag willen zijn. Dit resulteert uiteindelijk in het oogsten van het beste rendement. Niet alleen voor ons en onze telers, maar voor iedereen.

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Packaged bell peppers

Bell peppers are packaged in flow pack crimp seals or seperately in the desired container.

4Evergreen has designed a machine to package the product. This way, we package bell peppers per piece but also in mixes of 2, 3, or 4. When 2 or more pieces are packaged, these are often combinations of multiple colors which we call bell pepper mix. We have the ability to supply flowpack packaging and shrink seal packaging from our own cultivation sites to retail. This way we can deliver fresh produce daily, minimize quality loss and increase shelf life.

The bell peppers are packaged in accordance with certificates Global-Gap, IFS, QS and BRC. Since 2005, we are experienced in packaging and offer maximum care for the quality of our products. With our four production lines, we can produce sixty tons of packaging daily. The products that are to be packaged are put through a certified check weigher to ensure the weight of the packaging. The packaging labels can be assembled as desired. All barcodes, fonts and languages are possible. Finally, you can have your packages delivered to the customer in a variety of cases or boxes.

View how we process and pack our bell peppers.

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