4Evergreen winner Horticultural Entrepreneur Award 2014

8 January 2014

The 28th edition of the Horticultural Entrepreneur Award 2014 was won by pepper grower Grootscholte of Nursery 4Evergreen. The business award was January 8th awarded during a festive and inspiring meeting in Keukenhof in Lisse. Nursery 4Evergreen wins Horticultural Entrepreneur Award 2014 jury: “To develop and share knowledge, collaborate where possible to move forward in growing peppers and greenhouse vegetable sector, the manner in which business risks are diversified and growth can be achieved, which are the strong and distinctive Characteristics of Nursery 4Evergreen.

The Is a remarkable achievement that the company has achieved in recent years. 4Evergreen model for innovation in the Dutch horticulture. Nursery 4Evergreen is a company where we can collectively be proud of.

Winner 4Evergreen with companies in Steenbergen, Westland, St. Annaland, Terneuzen and Almeria Spain is a progressive company in the pepper cultivation. With vision in the field of sustainability, market orientation and efficiency, the company has grown in recent years to 60 hectares of modern greenhouses. 4Evergreen is one of the precursors to widespread USDA organic farming. It does so in the Pura Natura Foundation, a collaboration with some pepper and tomato growers, for the growing market in the United States. The jury decided that the company’s business award deserves because they develop and share knowledge and collaborate with colleagues and industry partners to further develop the pepper cultivation and the greenhouse vegetable sector. Nursery 4Evergreen is a company on all aspects of entrepreneurship has already achieved much, so judges the jury.
Nursery 4Evergreen was nominated by Florpartners.

The election of Horticulture Entrepreneur of the year again this year awarded during a festive and inspiring entrepreneurs congress and New Year Celebrations in Keukenhof in Lisse. During the meeting spoke Bernard Wientjes, chairman of VNO-NCW and Agnes Mulder, member of parliament for the CDA, the economic operator in the framework of the theme “Pioneering entrepreneurship ‘. Bernard Wientjes told those present that he -with respect for the sector now expects better times for the entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. He also calls for the current politicians to make entrepreneurship more centrally through tax cuts and reducing regulations. Agnes Mulder told that through Europe as a small country strong inde world standing and that the sector should continue to look outwards. Europe offers tremendous business opportunities in the world and within the EU with open borders, we can take full advantage of export. Also Schoneveld Breeding, Waterdrinker Aalsmeer and Westend Orchard and Nursery 4Evergreen gifts as nominees of the Entrepreneur Award 2014 attendees a glimpse into the kitchen of entrepreneurship.

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