Most modern sweet pepper greenhouse in the Netherlands now in use

8 December 2016

Dutch bell pepper grower 4evergreen opened a new modern and sustainable greenhouse in Westdorpe, Terneuzen on the 29th of November. Team leaders Filip and Joep had the honour of planting the first sweet pepper vines in the brand new greenhouse.

Sustainable Residual Heat
In the new greenhouse sweet peppers are grown with the help of sustainable residual heat. In Westdorpe we work with residual heat and excess CO2 from artificial fertilizer factory Yara. Warmco supplies Yara’s residual heat for heating our greenhouses. This allows us to grow the most sustainable sweet peppers in the Netherlands. For our efforts in becoming more sustainable we have been awarded several environmental certificates, including Milieukeur. Furthermore, our peppers are sorted on site, leading to a shorter greenhouse-to-table chain, and a fresher, higher quality product for our consumers. The first harvest of red sweet peppers will come in March of 2017.

Fully automated Forklift Trucks
Just like on 4evergreen’s other growing locations the new greenhouse is equipped with automated harvesting carts which transport the harvested peppers from the greenhouse to the sorting area. Aside from the harvesters there are fully automated forklift trucks for buffering and delivering containers to the sorting area.

Cutting Edge Glass
De 7 meter tall, 18 hectare (44.5 acres) greenhouse is equipped with cutting-edge technology. The roof is made of diffuse glass to better spread the incoming light. Furthermore, the glass has been treated to let through more light. The glass has hydrophilic properties, which means that rain and condensation doesn’t stick to the surface as a drop, but slides down, leaving a thin film of water on the surface. This film of water increases the transmission value of the glass.

Proud Brothers
De brothers Grootscholte are very proud of the results of this modern greenhouse and hope to use it to grow more sustainable products of higher quality in years to come.

Constructed In Less Than Half a Year
The new project was finished within half a year with special thanks to various professional parties;

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